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Business Grammar Review

Intended For

This course is intended for people seeking to improve or review business grammar skills at an intermediate level.


Participants are expected to be experienced in basic English grammar skills, including sentence and paragraph development, spelling, and punctuation.

Primary Goal

The primary goal of this course is to enhance the professional impact of business communications by improving and updating participants' grammar, punctuation, and word usage skills.

Learning Objectives

The objective of this course is to increase effectiveness in the following skills:

  • Correct use of subject and verb agreement in specialized cases

  • Correct use of personal pronouns (subject, object, reflexive)

  • Correct use of who/whom/ and whoever/whomever
  • Correct use of the comma, colon, and semicolon
  • Correct use of parts of speech; clause; infinitive; phrase; conjunction; sentence; sentence fragments; run-on sentences; subject and verb agreement; comma, colon, semicolon; review grammatical patterns/punctuation; pronouns; who, whom, whoever, whomever; underscores and quotation marks; irregular verbs; word usage glossary; word division and hyphenation
  • Correct use of numbers (in figures or spelled out)
  • Correct use of capitalization
  • Correct use of apostrophes
  • Correct use of words frequently confused such as affect/effect; further/farther, etc.

Comprehensive, Professional Book Provided

Business Grammar Review, by Julie Levitt, is a 100-page book provided for each course participant.  This comprehensive collection of easy tools to improve English grammar usage serves as both a learning tool and a user-friendly reference for future use.  The book reflects current business trends and standards.

Contents for Text-Workbook
Business Grammar Review

Parts of Speech, Clause, Infinitive, Phrase, Conjunction, Sentence

Sentence Fragments

Run-On Sentences

Subject and Verb Agreement




Review Grammatical Patterns/Punctuation Pronouns

Who, Whom, Whoever, Whomever

Underscores and Quotation Marks



Irregular Verbs

Word Usage



Word Division and Hyphenation

Recommended References